News   12.05.2021

We have delivered the blessings of Ramadan to all over the world...

Holy Ramadan, the Sultan of the months, came and went with his mercy, blessing, joy and happiness…

25 thousand orphans were delighted with festive clothes and gifts

44 thousand victuals and food packages were delivered to families

55 thousand Iftar-hot food packages were distributed to homes

I hope that we have received our part from this opportunity and the climate of purification inshaAllah. He came with his mercy; the fasts, the prayers, the hands opened to the Merciful, the verbal and the active prayers made from the heart, strengthened our brotherhood. It was a blessing upon us; the best examples of help, sharing and solidarity gave strength to all of us, and was the greatest support in difficult times. It was joy to the families of the victims, it was happiness to the mothers, it was hope to the fathers, it was a smile to the orphans.

These were hard times. In the days of lockdowns, we thought of Gaza, which has been under an embargo and blockade for 15 years. Gaza was experiencing these restrictions every day. Moreover, there is no food, no water , no electricity, no basic human needs, and most importantly, no freedom. In addition, the bombs that will come suddenly are no surprise to Gazans. This is life in Gaza! Do you think that they are alone in this trial, and we are exempt from this trial?

The hunger and thirst that we felt while fasting eased a little when we thought about the various dishes at the iftar table in the evening. People who could not imagine iftar tables in the evening, or even lived their lives hungry and thirsty, because they could not access enough food every day of the year, came to our mind.

Could we forget the oppressed, the war-torn Muhajirs, the oppressed people of Yemen, who fought for their lives in the Arakan camps, the Palestinian camps, the Syrian camps, the tents, the dust and mud? We had to be prepared for future questions about this test. Would it make our test easier to constantly keep what needs to be done on the agenda and reach out to those in need for the gratitude of every moment we are in health and well-being during these pandemic days?

44 thousand families received food packages

During the days of pandemic and quarantine, support and assistance continues before and after Ramadan for needy families who have lost their jobs and are in need of livelihood. Victuals and food packages were delivered one-on-one to 44 thousand families at home and abroad. If we do not remember the orphans who were deprived of their parents in the happy environments with our family, sitting together at the Iftar and Suhoor tables, we will not succeed in this test. During this process, Yardimeli teams delivered Fitra, Zakat, food packages and iftar meals to the victims and needy families at home and abroad.

55 thousand Iftar packages were distributed

In many places where collective organizations cannot be held, Iftar packages and hot meals are prepared before Iftar and delivered to families. Iftar tables have also been layed in small groups in open areas or available places in certain regions abroad.

25 thousand orphans were delighted

Orphans deprived of their parents at home and abroad were delighted with festive clothes, toys and gifts before the feast. In many regions at home and abroad, orphans were brought to stores in small groups and given clothes that they personally liked and chose. Holiday allowances, toys and educational materials were also presented to orphans by our representatives. Branches, representatives and volunteer teams from our 81 provinces, walking street by street, presented their gifts to the victim families and orphans who have rights to the most remote corners. Gift packages prepared for orphans, festive clothes and holiday allowances were delivered to them before Eid.

Abroad, through Yardımeli offices, representatives and partner institutions, aids were presented to refugee camps, war victims, Muhajirs, the needy and orphans.

By maintaining our divine values, which keep us together and give us the strength to resist in these times in which we live, we once again express our gratitude to all the donators and benefactors who have shown the world the best examples of social unity, sharing, assistance and brotherhood. The joy and feast of those whom you have rejoiced has most certainly reached you, we are sure of it.

Blessed are those who leave a pleasant sound in the dome of the sky.

Have a blessed Eid al-Fitr.

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