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Akabe Orphans Complex

Akabe Orphans Complex

Nearly a million unprotected and orphaned children are in Sudan due to the long-running civil war, hunger, poverty and the harshness of climate conditions. Sudan, Africa's third largest country, is a Muslim country with a population of 40 million. There are about a million unprotected and orphaned children due to the long-running civil war, hunger, poverty and the harshness of climate conditions. There are many threats and dangers to the physical and mental health of these children. Missionary activities in the region are quite effective.

The work initiated to meet the health, education and food needs of children who were vulnerable in the unsafe and negative environment of the war has become the body of Akabe Orphans' Complex. The foundation of our complex built on 21 acres of land in the capital Khartoum, was officially inaugurated in January 2011 with outstanding efforts and support. In August 2012 the orphanage was officially opened.

The Akabe Orphans' Complex, which has equipment and infrastructure that can serve a total of 400 orphans ( education-housing-food-social area), also has social-purpose sections:

  • Classrooms
  • Library
  • Computer room
  • Dormitories
  • Dining hall-kitchen
  • Playground
  • Sports fields-Hall
  • Guest Houses
  • Mosque
 Education and Curriculum

Every year at the primary level, orphans from different regions and tribes, who are picked carefully by applying certain criteria, continue their education until high school age. In addition to the managers, directors and administrators who come from Turkey, local teachers and employees continue registered and legal education in accordance with the national education curriculum. Turkish language courses are also offered in addition to english and arabic education.

 How can i contribute?

Education and housing services provided to orphans in Akabe Orphans' Complex are completely free of charge. General expenses of the complex, such as teacher and education expenses, kitchen and stationery expenses and clothing, food and transportational expenses of orphans are covered with the support of our donors.

* Don’t you want to care for an orphan, too? Don’t think only one orphan doesn’t do any good!

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