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Mauritania Educational Complex

Mauritania Educational Complex

MIn the west of Africa, only 0.2% of the territory of Mauritania, one of the continent's largest countries, is suitable for agriculture. Most of the country consists of deserts. Construction of the Orphans Educational Complex, which was founded in 2017 in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania, is already completed but its opening was postponed due to the pandemic.

Built by Yardimeli on 20 decares, the complex has 2 floors with a base area of 600 m². The complex has a capacity of serving 330 students. In the complex, there is a masjid, business workshops, educational classes, gyms, a library and multi-purpose space. In the complex where the mauritanian national education curriculum will be implemented, education will be given at the level of primary and secondary education in the first place.

 How can i contribute?

Education and housing provided in the complex is completely free of charge. Educational expenses, housing and expenses of orphaned students, and general expenses of the complex are covered by the support of donors.

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