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Greenhouse Project

Greenhouse Project

There is "LIFE" in this project

“The way to overcome challenges is to make new initiatives.”

"Don't give me fish, teach me how to fish!"

GIt is our priority that all the projects we implement as Yardımeli are sustainable and educational projects. As stated in the Chinese proverb, we aim to teach fishing through the projects we implement in areas where victimization occurs. The Greenhouse Project that we have started for this purpose is also among our other sustainable projects.

 Project Objectives

As a result of the successful results we received from The Greenhouse Project, which we conducted pilot studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we aim to expand this project and open up business areas where they can supply their basic needs by providing professions to families in need.

 Project Details

The project, which started in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a Pilot region, has been successfully carried out for many years under the supervision of Yardimeli Bosnia supervisor in the towns of Moshtre and Ilias, where mainly Srebrenica immigrants live. The project includes the installation of a 100 m2 greenhouse on the property of the needy person who will receive assistance, suitable for planting vegetables. It is the priority condition of the project that the needy person who wants to get support from the project has land suitable for planting.

Greenhouses that have been installed are regularly inspected 4 times a year by Yardimeli. Greenhouse equipment provided by Yardimeli (iron parts, greenhouse foil, etc.) is available to the needy only for usage. In this way, greenhouse equipment that has been found not to be in use is dismantled and taken for re-evaluation for another needy. Yardimeli also helps to sell the products produced in the greenhouse of the needy at the market price within the scope of its contracts with food-producing companies. If the greenhouse is regularly zoned, it provides income to meet the basic needs of a family of 4-5 people.

 Country, Costs and Lifetime of the Project

* Bosnia
* The approximate cost of the greenhouse project is 1550 EURO.
* The foreseen service life of the greenhouses installed is 7 years.

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