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Egg Chicken Project

Egg Chicken Project

ESmall favors can sometimes cause great happiness. You don’t need much to be from those who are good and do good. We want to inform you about an effective micro-project that will contribute to the survival of our brothers and sisters who are fighting for life in Arakan refugee camps.

We are trying to contribute with the Egg Chicken Project to our victim brothers and sisters who are fleeing the persecution committed against them in their country and who are fighting for existence in heavy conditions in refugee camps and who have no other means than a shelter to put their heads in.

A chinese saying states: ‘Instead of giving me fish, teach me how to fish.’ Through this mini project we are hoping to help our brothers and sisters staying on their own feet.

 The Process of the Project

Families living in camps and determined as a result of the investigation are given 5 egg chickens together with 1 rooster coop in the first place. The family, who receive the coop and egg chickens, is responsible for their care. They'll benefit from their chickens and their eggs, and they'll be able to reproduce and sell them. In this way, it will be a source of livelihood and contribute to their nutrition. First, a coop will be delivered to a family. Checks and inspections will be reported, the family's condition will be assessed.

 How can I contribute?

The price for a coop with egg chickens and a rooster which will be delivered to the families in Arakan refugee camps who are fighting for existence is 45€.

Coop + 5 Egg Chicken + 1 Rooster: 45€

So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it. And whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it. (Al-Zalzala, 99:7-8)

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