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Orphan Education Support Project

Orphan Education Support Project

OWhat's better in this mortal life than reaching out to the unguarded? Believers who are guardians of each other have to remember and remind each other of these custody duties in difficult times. Let's remember that the most healing medicine is hidden in the chemistry of herbs that we expect the least and the most valuable ores are hidden in the bosom of stones that we do not know. Hidden is the blend in the bosom of a grain, a forest in the essence of a seed, and even a cure in the venom of a reptile underneath our feet. It is destined for the resurrection of societies that take care of their orphans.

It is a project aimed at supporting the oppressed, orphans and orphans in Islamic geographies to cling to life again and to restore their future hopes to become leading personalities in the society in which they live.

 Countries Where It Is Applied

Turkey (81 provinces), Palestine, the Balkans, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Mauritania, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Arakan and Ethiopia. The project covers the countries mentioned in the first place, and in the following years new countries are added in order to support 10,000 orphans in the first 3 years.

 Project Content

The Orphan Education Support Project is to enable orphans who lack all kinds of educational opportunities and financial impossibilities to continue their education, to contribute to the upbringing of orphans in their own countries and in their own societies as an enlightened person. It is aimed to continue and follow up their education with the opportunities provided to orphans who are unable or forced to discontinue their education due to poverty and impossibility.

In our project, which covers most countries in the islamic geography, a group of 10 different donors will again support a group of 10 different orphans. In this way, our donor will support 10 separate orphans with an orphan donation of only 20 EURO, which he will give monthly, and receive prayers from 10 orphans. Information and educational status of orphans are shared with the donor.

Support and assistance received from the donor is delivered to the orphan in the form of a monthly, 2-month or 3-month payment, taking into account the conditions of the region.

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