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My Arakan House Project

My Arakan House Project

HTo be silent about oppression is being a dumb oppressor. Life sometimes gives us the chance to oppose the oppressor and stand by the oppressed. With the mentality of opposing the oppressor and standing by the oppressed we reach our helping hands to our brothers and sisters of Arakan who fled the oppression in Myanmar and came to Bangladesh.

We started an aid campaign for our brothers and sisters of Arakan who are even in need of a shelter which will protect them from tough circumstances like rain and intense sunlight.

If you want to share the same row with those who do good and help these brothers and sisters, you can check out our projects and contact us.

The shelters which households use in turns cannot protect them from monsoon rains. For this reason sustainable and functional homes will be built for our brothers and sisters of Arakan.

Goal: Building a liveable and warm home for families who struggle to survive due to bad circumstances in Arakan camps.

Model: Bamboo houses built on foundation, suitable for local circumstances. A detached home with a size of 16-20m² where a family of 5 can comfortably live.

Price: 600€ / 1 House

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