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Arakan - Wc Bathroom Project

Arakan - Wc Bathroom Project

WIt is important that institutions providing humanitarian services perform these duties from a holistic point of view while carrying out these responsibilities. Because a lack in one area can damage good work in other areas. For this reason, as Yardimeli Foundation, we would like to introduce you to another project for our Rohingya brothers and sisters in order for them to continue their struggle for life in an hygienic environment.

One of the biggest problems of Rohingya refugees is the lack of sanitary buildings. In these camps, where there is no sewage and infrastructure, it is known that sewage flows from the open and mixes with drinking water. Dirty waters flowing from the open are also a summoner of epidemics.

WC and shower cabins built next to Yardimeli Masjids built in Rohingya camps have met the need of Rohingya refugees to some extent. But since the camps are so large and crowded, it is urgent to increase the number of WC and bathroom cabins.

Aim: To meet the mandatory needs of sanitary buildings, besides the difficult living conditions in Rohingya camps, and to build clean and environmentally friendly cabins.

Project Cost: 540 € / 1 Bathroom-WC

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