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Bangladesh Darul Hikme Complex

Bangladesh Darul Hikme Complex

DRepublic of Bangladesh is a refuge for Arakanese refugees and is a Muslim state located in South Asia. In this country 88% of which are Muslim. Life standart and the level of income is very low.

Religious education is not provided in public schools in the country. Therefore, there are many private schools and orphanages scattered in different parts of the country.

The general situation in this country is deplorable in many ways. The number of Arakanese who fled and took refuge due to the persecution and massacres in Myanmar has also exceeded hundreds of thousands.

Problems in meeting the educational and sheltering needs of refugees who are trying to continue their lives in difficult conditions in camps and in different parts of the country are at the highest level.

As Yardimeli family, we have laid the foundation of a 3-storey Yardimeli Darul hikme orphans complex on 1000 m2 which is included in a 4000 m2 plot in the Cox's Bazaar area, where Arakanese refugees are dense.

In 25 March 2017, we inaugurated this meaningful project, which we laid the foundation in February 2015 with the support of our donors and we have started educational activities for orphans, victims and needy children in the region.

 Education and Curriculum

Our priority is Arakanese orphan children but children of Bangladeshi orphans and poor families also benefit from our education complex.

Our complex has the capacity to provide education for a total number of 1000 children per day and 100 orphaned children can also stay in a dormitory and dining hall.

Yardimeli Darul Hikme complex which is under the supervision of local teachers and administrators is supervised and directed by our headquarters through our Yardimeli Bangladesh office.

 Mosque and Multi-Purpose Places

The mosque which is located within the complex is built on an area of 300m2 and was built as an indoor place of 550m2 with 3 floors in total. The mosque is available for our students as well as for the public in order to meet the needs of the region.

 How can i contribute?

Education and sheltering provided in our complex is completely free of charge. Educational expenses and sheltering of our orphaned children and the general expenses of our complex and the mosque are covered with the support of our donors.

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