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Cataract Operations Project

Cataract Operations Project

COne of the most beautiful opportunities in a person's life is to be able to see and being unable to see is undoubtedly a severe deprivation. One of the most common diseases in Africa is cataracts. This disease is caused by malnutrition, excessive light exposure and eye trauma.

Cataract is the dimming of the natural lens of the eye, which is located behind the pupil and provides vision, losing its transparency. In other words, your vision deteriorates as if you are looking through a steamed glass. Cataract is not a condition that can be treated with medication or glasses. There is no effective method that can stop the progression of cataracts and the only treatment for cataract is surgery.

Patients who have been decided to have surgery are recovering from the operation performed by our specialist teams at Yardimeli Somali Hospital. Surgeries are performed in a healthy hospital environment by specialist teams by appointment procedure.

 How can i contribute?

70 Euro will be enough to be a light for people who are in danger of losing their eyes by being affected by the negative conditions of Africa. All health expenses and sometimes transport expenses are covered by this amount.

Every beauty deserves an equal reflection. Perhaps a possible demonstration of gratitude from the eye is to show that a visually impaired person can see again.

Would you like to contribute just 70 Euro to eyes that can't see because of cataract?

Cost Of A Cataract Surgery: 70 EURO

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