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Family Partner Project

Family Partner Project

FA Family Partner is a reflection of sharing, growth and purification. The Family Partner Project is a project that draws inspiration from the story of people who have been forced to flee their country (muhacir) and those who have shown their solidarity by welcoming them warmly (ensar) back in history. The scope of the project covers all the areas of the World and within of the principle of "close start" the oppressed people, victims and needy people of all regions ranging from Anatolia to the Balkans, Asia to Africa, Middle East to the Caucasus.

This project set out by Yardımeli to please disadvantaged and needy families, which have increased as a result of natural disasters and wars, has been brought to life thanks to the contribution of charitable people.

Our goal in this Family Partner Project is to build relationships with a "spiritual connection" between high & middle class families of prosperity with poor and oppressed families. These connections cover victims and needy families not only within the country but also in all countries all over the world.

We have tried to reach those closest to us in Turkey, Somalia, Palestine, Pakistan, Bosnia, Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and the Rohingya and all the geographical areas affected by oppression.

With people who give and people who take, the rich and the poor... We met, we hugged...

 Services we give with The Family Partner Project
  • Rent and fuel support to provide shelter,
  • Educational guidance, tools and scholarship opportunities to meet educational needs,
  • Medical examination and medication needs for health services,
  • Clothing and food needs;
  • Rehabilitation services especially for elderly and disabled people;
  • Psychological support for people who have lived in disaster and war zones,
  • Trip and travel programs in Turkey and other countries,
  • Continuous and regular communication support between charitable and needy people
  • Legal support.
 Payments for Family Partnership
  • Countries included in the project will be tested according to the local standard of living for determining the monthly and annual amounts paid out by a transaction between the applicant family to the receiving family.
  • Payments and claims are determined according to the situation of the person concerned, which may be Monthly, 2 monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly or annual.

NOTE: Info / updates of the partnership  will be sent to the donors by e-mail.

Family Partnership Application Form

Bölgelere Göre Kardeş Aile Ödemeleri

Turkey 250 TL 30 € 35 $
Palestine 250 TL 30 € 35 $
Syria 250 TL 30 € 35 $
Bosnia 250 TL 30 € 35 $
Macedonia 250 TL 30 € 35 $
Rohingya 150 TL 20 € 25 $
Afghanistan 150 TL 20 € 25 $
Bangladesh 150 TL 20 € 25 $
Mauritanian 150 TL 20 € 25 $
Pakistan 150 TL 20 € 25 $
Somalia 150 TL 20 € 25 $
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