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The Jarabulus Brotherhood Village

The Jarabulus Brotherhood Village

JThe Yardımeli Jarabulus Brotherhood Village, which we built on 10 decares of land for oppressed orphans in Jarablus made these families happy. Children, elderly people and women were the most affected ones by the conflict and civil war that has been going on in Syria for years. Children became orphans, mothers became widow and families torn apart. During this tragedy our food, clothing, health and education support continued incessantly from day one.

Families who saved their lives from the Syrian Civil War and tried to live in tents under difficult conditions in camps have achieved normal living standards in the Yardımeli Jarabulus Brotherhood Village.

This village is located in Jarabulus - Syria and consists of 40 prefabricated 2 + 1 houses, playgrounds, green areas, business workshops and masjid on a 10-decare plot.

 How i can contribute?

The construction of our village was completed and opened on December 4, 2019. Education, accommodation and subsistence support provided to orphans' families in this village is a service provided to them without any charge.

Therefore, the general expenses of the village and the kitchen, education, food, health and clothing expenses of our orphans are covered by our institution with the support of our donors.

You can also donate any amount you want to the donation pool of this Orphan Village.

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