News   20.06.2021

Fire at Arakanese Muslim camp in India

In India, a fire at a camp where Arakanese Muslims are staying near the capital New Delhi has burned 56 sheds.

According to the country's press, the police official R.P. Meena reported that a fire broke out at the camp where Arakanese Muslims were staying near Kalindi Kunj metro station in Southeast New Delhi. The fire burned 56 sheds housing about 270 Arakanese refugees, Meena said, adding that there were no injuries in the fire.

"The cause of the fire has not yet been determined and the necessary actions are being taken."the fire was contained," Meena said.

Ethnic cleansing of Arakanese Muslims

Clashes broke out between Buddhists and Muslims in Myanmar's Arakan State in 2012, when thousands of people, most of them Muslims, were killed and hundreds of homes and businesses were set on fire. Citing simultaneous attacks on border outposts in Arakan on August 25, 2017, the Myanmar army and Buddhist nationalists launched mass acts of violence.

With the increase in violence and massacres in Arakan, Arakanese Muslims were forced to seek refuge in surrounding countries. According to the United Nations (UN), after August 2017, the number of those who fled oppression and persecution in Arakan and took refuge in Bangladesh reached 900 thousand.

The UN and international human rights organizations call the violence against Arakanese Muslims "ethnic cleansing" or "genocide."

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